Integrative Enneagram Solutions

Level 1
Full Accreditation Training

4 Days of Training

Understanding and applying the Enneagram for coaching individuals and teams, accreditation in Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire and report interpretation.

For professional coaches, leadership or team facilitators or organization development practitioners who want to increase their effectiveness with individual and team coaching, fast-track the coaching process and improve results with robust assessments and development strategies.

Over the 4-day workshop, participants experience deep learning and gain the ability to practically apply the Enneagram and the iEQ9 profiling products in their coaching practice. Our iEQ9 products give detailed metrics and professional narrative reports to understand individual and team dynamics.

Level 1 Full Accreditation Training
ICF CCEU Credits

The Integrative Enneagram Training programme is ICF and IEA accredited. Delegates receive 36 ICF CCEU points on successful completion of the training and case study submission.

Core Competencies 29.25
Resource Development 6.75

Our accreditation process:

  • Attend full Level 1 iEQ9 Enneagram training
  • Select a case study coaching client and have them complete our iEQ9 Questionnaire
  • Debrief your client and complete the case study document
  • After evaluation and feedback, you will be accredited to use our products with your clients
  • Accredited users have access to special offers and products not available to non-accredited public clients
Our accreditation process

Level 1 iEQ9 Training includes:

Introduction to the
  • Enneagram background and history
  • Psychodynamics of human development
  • The 9 Archetypes of the Enneagram
  • Passions, Fixations, Values, Views
  • Defensive Structures
  • Strength and Weaknesses
  • Application of the Enneagram
  • Differentiating Coaching and Therapy
  • Essence, Higher Virtues, Transcendence
  • Motivational model
  • Somatic Types
Enneagram Dynamics
& Coaching Tools
  • Complexity theory
  • The Centers
  • 27 Subtypes (Naranjo model)
  • Triadic Structures
  • Hornevian Social Styles
  • Harmonic Conflict Styles
  • Lines of Development
  • 6 Dimensions of Strain and Stress
  • Wing influences
  • Dilemma Scissors
  • Levels of Integration
iEQ9 Report Feedback
& Coaching Practice
  • Understanding the iEQ9 Questionnaire
  • Report Interpretation
  • Feedback, Engage, Challenge
  • Assessments and Selection
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Enneagram Types and Strain Trends
  • The Enneagram and Coaching Practices
  • Facilitating Change
  • Client Type and Coaching
  • The Accreditation Process
  • Introduction to Team Report

What People who attend this Training say

The experiential training workshop over four days was the most enlightening experience I have had in 20 years. The facilitator team are professionals with deep Enneagram experience and expertise and kept the group engaged and participative over a four-day experiential learning experience of discovering self insights and awareness. It exceeded all my professional executive coaching supervision sessions by professional master executive coaches.
DR. WILLEM DE JAGER Ernst & Young People Advisory Services, Johannesburg
The Enneagram is a powerful coaching tool, and fun to work with. This training was great for understanding the Enneagram and how to use it effectively with clients. I took away a solid understanding of the Enneagram, a deeper appreciation for its complexity, and new insights about myself.
DEREK OLSEN Henley Leadership Group, Seattle
The training workshop certainly met my expectations on every level. This has expanded my knowledge of the Enneagram and has taken my coaching practice to another level. I now have so much more to offer. My clients love the comprehensive report. It is professional, user-friendly and informative. I have not come across anything like it before. Dirk Cloete is a genius. I also have a few clients who are requesting the IEQ for their teams. On top of it all, the Integrated Enneagram Solutions team are extremely helpful and supportive.
MARIETTE MALHERBE Business Coach, Johannesburg
Dirk Cloete and Beatrice Chestnut co-presented one of the best conceived and executed four-day training sessions I have attended in many years of personal development and conference-going. IES and the IEQ have brought the Enneagram into a most usable form that I can immediately apply to my flourishing practice. I am so delighted to have found this. As a veteran practitioner with prior knowledge and expertise in the Enneagram, it was wonderful to be trained so deeply and efficiently in a system that will far more effectively help to transform individuals and corporate culture.
This four-day intensive course is an excellent introduction to the Enneagram and how to work with the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire. The course is well designed and there is a good quality accompanying manual. This is a great entry portal to understanding the Enneagram and how to use it in a range of settings, including coaching, teambuilding and organizational development.
GETTI MERCORIO Organisation & Systems Coach, Johannesburg