Enneagram and the Wing influences

The Enneagram is an ancient personality system which has been used in the modern world to provide insight into the psychological motivations and behaviors of individuals. It is widely accepted as a useful tool for personal growth and development, and one of its most intriguing aspects is its depiction of wings.

This article will discuss the influence of Enneagram wings, as well as their purpose in self-development. The concept of wings refers to the two adjacent types on either side of a person's main type according to the Enneagram model. Wings represent a person's dominant traits from these other types which can supplement or alter those associated with their main type, thereby providing additional insight into an individual's psychological makeup.

As such, it is important to understand the influence and purpose of Enneagram wings if we are to properly utilize this model for self-development.

What Are Enneagram Wings?

What Are Enneagram Wings?

The concept of Enneagram Wings is associated with the ancient practice of self-awareness through archetypal analysis. It has been adopted by modern psychology to understand the emotional effects of certain personality types and their inter type dynamics. The exploration of this inner subtype aims to shed light on our subconscious desires, motivations and fears.

Enneagram Wings are based on the nine core personality types, each with a distinct set of characteristics that can be used to compare and contrast two adjacent numbers on the enneagram symbol. These adjacent numbers represent two different yet complementary "wings" which, when combined, form a more complete understanding of someone's personality traits.

For example, a person with an Enneagram type 8 might have a 7 wing or a 9 wing depending on their individual characteristics.

By exploring our Enneagram wings we can gain an insight into our own behavior, values and beliefs as well as those around us. This self-awareness practice helps to identify our strengths and weaknesses so that we can use them to make positive changes in our lives and build better relationships with others.

With greater understanding comes greater empathy and openness - essential qualities for any successful life journey.

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How Do Enneagram Wings Influence Your Personality Type?

How Do Enneagram Wings Influence Your Personality Type?

Enneagram wings provide a strong and insightful exploration into the complexities of personality types. By understanding the duality of these wings - each type has two wings, one on either side - it can help to reveal motivations and potentials for development.

Investigating this duality leads to a better understanding of why certain behaviour patterns are occurring, which helps in recognizing strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Exploring what lies between each Enneagram type is important as it gives us insight into how we relate to our environment and those around us.

It also gives us a clearer understanding of our inner workings, which can lead to personal growth and development. By investigating our motivations, we can begin to uncover why we are drawn to certain behaviours or attitudes. This could be anything from being more tolerant and patient with others, or being able to recognize when something needs to change in order to improve the situation at hand.

This exploration into Enneagram wings is an important part of self-discovery. It allows us to gain an understanding of how our personality type impacts our daily life and relationships with others.

Through recognizing strengths and weaknesses, we can work towards developing them further for greater self-awareness and improved quality of life. With this knowledge comes the potential for increased self-confidence, greater empathy for others, and even more meaningful relationships with those around us.

Exploring The Intersection Of Enneagram Types And Wings

Exploring The Intersection Of Enneagram Types And Wings

Enneagram types and wings are an important intersection to explore when it comes to personal development. It is essential to understand the ways in which these two aspects of typology interact, as they can have a powerful influence on each individual's emotional implications and energy dynamics.

In order to explore this intersection more deeply, it is important to consider the core motivations and dominant traits associated with each type and wing combination. When looking at how types and wings combine, there can be internal conflicts between the two elements that must be addressed.

For instance, a person may have a type 4 but with a wing 3, which could lead to tension between their need for individualism and their desire for external validation. As such, understanding how these forces interact within oneself can help people navigate potential obstacles in their self-development journey.

By examining the impact of enneagram type and wing combinations, individuals will gain greater insight into their core motivations, dominant traits, emotional implications, and energy dynamics. This will enable them to make informed decisions about how best to use their strengths in pursuit of self-improvement and growth.

Ultimately, this knowledge can help people unlock new paths for achieving greater fulfillment in life.

Exploring The Intersection Of Enneagram Types And Wings
How To Use Enneagram Wings For Self-Development

How To Use Enneagram Wings For Self-Development

Having explored the intersection of Enneagram types and wings, it is essential to understand how to use them for self-development. How can we use this powerful tool to better our lives? To answer this question, it is necessary to uncover the purpose of Enneagram wings and their influence on navigating transitions, spiritual exploration, psychological growth, and developing awareness.

Enneagram wings are an integral part of the self-expression journey. They help us gain insight into our motivations and behavior while giving us a deeper understanding of ourselves. By discovering our individual type and wing combination, we can learn more about our strengths and weaknesses in order to gain clarity on what drives us forward or holds us back from reaching our goals.

Furthermore, knowing our Enneagram type and wing allows us to create strategies for personal growth by understanding how we interact with others and how best to respond in challenging situations.

In addition to providing insight into ourselves, Enneagram wings also offer guidance on spiritual exploration. By examining the different ways in which we think, feel and act, we can begin to recognize patterns that illuminate areas in need of transformation or healing within our psyche. This process can be used as a tool for acceptance of ourselves as well as a pathway for further healing work that leads towards greater self-awareness.

Ultimately, exploring the depth of one's inner world through the lens of Enneagram wings is an invaluable practice for psychological growth.

In summary then, examining one's Enneagram type combined with its associated wing can provide valuable insight into a person's character traits and behaviors as well as guidance on navigating transitions along their self-expression journey. This knowledge can be used to develop strategies for personal growth that are rooted in an understanding of one's motivations and emotions as well as a deeper awareness of oneself from a spiritual perspective. In doing so, individuals have access to powerful tools that they may use for their own self-development purposes.

Identifying Your Enneagram Wings

Identifying Your Enneagram Wings

Exploring one's Enneagram wings is a powerful tool for self-development. It involves examining the individual's behaviors and motivations, analyzing their relationships, and evaluating the influences that shape their emotions.

In order to identify one's Enneagram wings, it is important to gain an understanding of the nine different types within the system. Each type has its own unique blend of characteristics, motivations, and behavior patterns that can be identified through self-reflection and exploration.

Once a person has identified with one of the nine types within the Enneagram system, they can begin to explore their wings. The two wings are associated with each type and provide additional insight into how an individual expresses themselves in different situations.

By exploring these subtle differences within each type, individuals can gain greater insight into their motivations and behavior patterns. This knowledge can then be used to develop new strategies for communication, decision-making, and overall personal growth.

Understanding how your Enneagram wings influence your thoughts and behaviors is key to unlocking your potential for self-development. Through this process of exploration and discovery, individuals can learn more about who they are as well as what drives them forward in life.

Taking advantage of this powerful tool can help you build a better understanding of yourself so that you may optimize your relationships with others while also obtaining greater emotional fulfillment in life.

Identifying Your Enneagram Wings
The Benefits Of Incorporating Enneagram Wings In Self-Discovery

The Benefits Of Incorporating Enneagram Wings In Self-Discovery

Enneagram wings can provide a helpful guide to the process of self-discovery. By understanding how their traits and tendencies influence their personality, those on a journey towards bettering themselves can gain insight into areas that need improvement. Knowing the nuances of one's individual type can assist in the development of emotional intelligence, goal-setting, relationship building and communication skills.

One of the main advantages to incorporating enneagram wings into self-discovery is that it allows for deeper self-reflection. By understanding how their strengths and weaknesses interact with each other, individuals can gain greater insight into who they are as a person and what they need to focus on in order to reach their goals.

Additionally, studying one's wing type can help foster personal growth by highlighting potential pitfalls and providing guidance on how to overcome them. The process of learning about oneself through the lens of enneagram wings provides an opportunity to explore what motivates them and discover paths they may not have previously considered.

Exploring new ideas can lead to increased self-awareness which then leads to further growth opportunities. Ultimately, this approach to self-development enables individuals to gain new perspectives that will aid them in achieving personal fulfillment.


The Enneagram system of personality can be a valuable tool for self-discovery and personal growth. By understanding how to use the Enneagram wings, one can gain an even deeper insight into their characteristics, traits, behavior tendencies and motivations.

As one discovers and comprehends the unique combination of their Enneagram type with its corresponding wings, they are empowered to make conscious choices towards greater self-awareness, personal development and inner transformation.

While it may not be easy to identify one's wings at first, the rewards of greater self-understanding that come with this journey make the effort worthwhile.

In this way, exploring the powerful influence of Enneagram wings helps us navigate our lives with more clarity and purpose.